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The Spirit of The

Handcrafted using botanicals inspired by the ancient woodlands of Surrey.

The world’s first spirit in a paperboard bottle.


Inspired by the wildwoods

The craft Silent Pool Distillery is situated on the Duke of Northumberland’s Albury Estate in the heart of the Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The distillery is adjacent to an area of ancient woodland and The Silent Pool itself, renowned for its tranquillity and natural beauty which Silent Pool Distillers help protect and preserve.

The Green Man Spirits range is a love letter to the Surrey Hills and the botanicals you find there, drawing inspiration from orchards, berries and woodland herbs, woody and earthy tones.

Sustainability is at the heart of how Silent Pool Distillers operate as our stunning rural location is a constant reminder of the need to work sustainably to minimise impact on both the local and wider environment by reducing carbon footprint and waste. Armed with passion to do things differently, we desperately searched for a UK created fully recyclable packaging solution which also delivered the high-quality taste which Silent Pool Distillery prides itself on.


The world’s first spirit in a
paperboard bottle

Lightweight, carbon-friendly and 100% recyclable. Made from 94% recycled paper, the FrugalPac bottle uses 77% less plastic, is 80% lighter and has a carbon footprint 83% lower than a glass bottle. To put it another way, it’s 5 times lighter and has a carbon footprint 6 times lower than a glass bottle.

The Taste

About the Range

Green Man Wildwood Vodka

Handcrafted amongst the bountiful forests of the Surrey Hills is a unique and distinctive botanical vodka filtered through charcoal which is sourced from hornbeam hardwood felled from sustainably managed local forests.

Tasting Notes
Enjoy sweet, woody notes of birch on the nose leading into top notes of crisp, bright peppermint complemented by rich base notes of dandelion and slightly bitter burdock root.

Green Man Wildwood GIN

Handcrafted deep in the ancient forests of the Surrey Hills, this deliciously herbaceous concoction imbued with shades of hyssop, rosehip, hawthorn, birch and other sylvan botanicals.

Tasting Notes

Top notes of fresh and clarifying pine, fir and rich birch leaf give way to a more herbal mid-palate including North Macedonian juniper, rosehips and apple. Enjoy a long finish with woody, rooty notes coming through from Bosnian juniper, fennel seeds and dandelion.

The Legend

an enigmatic figure

Inspired by an enigmatic and elusive figure of folklore, The Green Man embodies the powers of nature and his spirit echoes through our trees, woodlands and forests.

Symbols of the Green Man can be found in many forms throughout Britain carved in wood or stone in medieval churches, cathedrals, and other historic buildings. A man’s face is shown covered in green foliage or portrayed with acorns and hawthorn leaves which were symbols of fertility in medieval times.

The Green Man figure was strongly associated with rebirth of nature at springtime and was a central figure in the May Day celebrations, as villagers were keen to celebrate with the Green Man to encourage a plentiful harvest.

For many people today the Green Man is figure seen as an environmental guardian ‘the keeper of the forests and woods.’ Our Green Man Wild Wood spirits support the sentiment of these ancient traditions.


Green Man Wildwood Vodka Serves

Vodka Collins


Vodka Mojito

Green Man Wildwood Gin Serves

Green Man Gin & Tonic

green man gin martini